# Little Ways To Have A Better Life | Gradient

# Little Ways to Have a Better Life

1. Wake up earlier.

Start by getting up a half hour earlier than usual. Then an hour. Then 90 minutes. Get up early enough that you have time to enjoy the quietness of your home. Stretch your body while your coffee brews.

2. Take a walk every day.

Buy a pair of nice headphones and listen to good music while you explore your neighborhood. Get to know the square mile surrounding your home on foot. Try to notice things about the blocks around your home you haven’t before. Learn to identify the trees, plants and architecture.

3. Eat excellent food.

Eating well isn’t as hard as it sounds. Your meals don’t have to be fancy, or organic, but you can at least try to make food you actually enjoy. Start by learning how to make an amazing breakfast. You’ll have time now that you’re getting up earlier, remember? Fry an egg in butter, and slice up some real tomatoes, spinach and peppers into the pan. Use lots of garlic and basil. Invest in a crockpot and throw in a roast with some sliced carrots, potatoes and onions.

4. Clean literally everything.

Throw all your clothes and sheets into the washer. While they’re in there, clean the rest of your room. Organize everything. Wipe it all down. Once everything has dried, make your bed and take any clothes you haven’t worn in six weeks to a Goodwill. Hang some posters. Light a candle. Make your room a place you look forward to being in.

5. Get good at something.

Literally anything. It doesn’t matter what. Pick something that interests you and get to work. A new language. Programming. Pool. Design. Magic tricks. Take the time you used to spend on Facebook fights and become talented instead. Set actual goals. The ease with which you’ll achieve them will shock you. Once you’ve done it, pick something else. When was the last time you learned something you didn’t know how to do, just because you wanted?

6. Call old friends

Take opportunities to call people you don’t get to see anymore. Commutes. Lunch breaks. All those long walks you’re taking. The conversations don’t have to be long or even particularly deep and meaningful. Sometimes a five minute conversation is enough, just to let a friend know they still matter.

7. Use your body.

Exercise doesn’t have to look like lifting weights, windsprints or Crossfit. Find a way to work out that doesn’t feel like working out, and the options are limitless. Maybe you’ve always wanted to know how to dance, or how to do karate, or how to swim laps, or how to rock climb. Your body is amazing, it can learn to do amazing things, and working out doesn’t have to be an end to itself. If all else fails, buy a book on tape and listen to it while you run. If that fails, just spend a few minutes every day stretching every muscle in your body. Reach to your ceiling. Roll your head around. Fill your lungs with air.