Study: People Spend More Time Binge-watching Than Hanging Out With Their Friends, Reading, Or Exercising. | Gradient

Study: People spend more time binge-watching than hanging out with their friends, reading, or exercising.


Binge-watching has overhauled all of America’s free time, totaling 125 million hours of total streaming per day on Netflix. According to a study from Cord Cutting, the average Netflix user watches 1 hour and 40 minutes of Netflix a day. That’s four episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, or 1.9 episodes of Orange is the New Black.

One hundred minutes does not seem that bad, right? Well, Business Insider drew a gut-wrenching comparison between the amount of time spent binge-watching with other, perhaps more valuable, activities like exercising, reading, and socializing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics records show that American’s spend an average of 17 minutes working out, 19 minutes reading and 38 minutes a day socializing. All of these activities total 74 minutes, so that means Americans binge-watch more Netflix than the combined time they spend working out, reading and hanging out with their friends.

Now remember:
Hanging out with friends will make you significantly happier.
Everyone needs at least 30 minutes of exercise a day to be healthy.
Reading makes you smart and reduces stress levels.

So don’t forget to go outside every once in a while and pick up a book, or else your friends will have to pry your Netflix from your cold, dead hands.

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To get his new album Cold Answer, (which features the three songs from him you heard on this episode), visit

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