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We Need to Talk About Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ Tour Fashion

At this point, everyone’s on board the Bieber Apology Tour, where the somewhat ephemeral substance is made bearable by a banging soundtrack. But the cache of goodwill Bieber’s currently replenishing is in serious danger of being drained by his fashion choices on the Purpose tour. Obviously, nobody wants to make sweeping judgements about another person based on the clothes they wear, but have you seen this garbage? Good lord.


Now, there’s the germ of a good idea here. The ’90s grunge aesthetic has been creeping back into the fashion world for a while, so all’s fair in love and fad. Even if Bieber shilling Manson doesn’t feel like the most authentic fashion swerve in the world, it’s at least interesting. But then, oh hell, dude takes the recent rebirth of tying a flannel shirt around your crotch trend to the completely unnatural next level and just rocks a kilt with drawstrings like some sort of Braveheart extra with a fuckboi fetish.

Ah well, who among us doesn’t have a swing-and-a-miss in our style game? Surely you can’t discount Bieber’s new persona entirely based on one outfit. You can’t, and we don’t.


Most people would be upset by a spontaneous rain in the middle of your concert, but most people are not Justin Bieber, whose bomber jacket has a pocket big enough to double as shelter for him and at least six fans. Again, the bomber is a very in look right now, but a pocket big enough for all your Teen Choice Awards is not, and will not be, and should not be.


The Lord offered us light, but we chose the darkness.


OK, this isn’t so bad. Maybe a little heavy on the flannel as both an open shirt and a belt thing, but the rest of the look works fine. Maybe Justin Bieber really is turning around. Maybe—


Oh no.