Liz Riggs | Gradient

‘You’re the Worst’ Takes Depression Seriously By Making It Funny

For those of you who don’t know me, I should probably go ahead and let you know one thing: I have anxiety. Not the nerves-before-a-piano-recital…

How Sitcoms Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations For Friendships

“A nd yes, attendance is mandatory,” Nick Miller says to his roommates as he reminds them all that he’s just been dumped and needs them…

6 signs you need to cancel before the first date.

1. He invites you to the suburbs. Whoa. What self-respecting 25-year-old lives in the suburbs? Are we going to an Applebees? Do I have to…

What John Oliver Misses About Charter Schools

Typically, when John Oliver takes on an intriguing subject matter that ails the American public, I’m easily sold. I’m ready to call the pharmaceutical company,…

This is what it’s like when you hit on me.

“We’re gonna hook up tonight,” he says. “I know it. I just know it. I know these things.” He stumbles over the alliterative th-th at…

The best self-help books aren’t self-help books. They’re novels.

If you’re tired of self-help books that never actually seem to help, maybe it’s time to try fiction.

The Unfair Choice Between Treating My Anxiety and My Sex Drive

What 14 years of being on anxiety medication actually feels like.

3 Ways ‘The OC’ Changed Television

As the iconic meditation on SoCal innui comes to Hulu, a look back on its long shadows.