An Exhaustive List Of Everything People Have Blamed For Donald Trump’s Rise. | Gradient

An exhaustive list of everything people have blamed for Donald Trump’s rise.


That all but settles it. Ted Cruz — a candidate nobody actually wanted, described by colleagues as “Lucifer in the flesh” and by his wife as not necessarily not the Zodiac Killer — has suspended a campaign that only ever really began because the alternatives were dire indeed. The last man standing between orange man Donald Trump and the GOP nomination is John Kasich, a man whose last name many people still struggle to pronounce.

How did this happen? Well, we live in a time where people have a lot of ideas, and every single one of them gets a platform. On the eve of Donald Trump’s nomination and the twilight of America’s age of dignity, here is an exhaustive compendium of the things that have been blamed for the rise of Trump, culled from the think pieces, Twitter, at least two other aggregations of what led to the rise of Donald Trump, and good old common sense.

The Conservative movement

The GOP’s broken promises

Conservative failure

Liberal failure

Good times

Occupy Wall Street

“…a massive, systemic problem of a party that asked what donors wanted, not its voters”

Superhero movies


Moral cowardice

The government’s terrible economic forecasts

White grievance

T H E  M E D I A


President Obama

President Obama’s economy

Hating Obama too much

The Republican vacuum


The PC Police

Kim Kardashian

Silicon Valley

The Right 

The Left

Definitely not The Daily Caller

Social Justice Warriors



Fox News

San Francisco

Deconstructionist philosopher Jacques Derrida

Good men

Word Wrestling Entertainment

Al Franken

Definitely not Al Franken

Trade with China

China in general

Salon contributor Jimmy LaSalvia

David Brooks


No one at all

The blame we’re all looking to cast is natural. Mankind’s quest to find meaning in seemingly meaningless circumstances is as old as Bram Stoker’s Dracula. In lieu of a sensible explanation, all that’s left are internet writers, coming to grasp with a world that’s far more complex than they originally thought.


[Update] In the 24 hours since this was posted, at least two new theories for who created Donald Trump have been proposed. In the interest of full exhaustion:

Justice John Roberts

Andrew Sullivan

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