John Oliver Reimagines ‘Spotlight’ And Journalism In The Click-centered Digital Age. | Gradient

John Oliver reimagines ‘Spotlight’ and journalism in the click-centered digital age.


“Spotlight,” 2015’s Oscar winner for Best Picture, tells the story of an investigative journalist team that uncovers a massive sex abuse cover-up in the Catholic Church. The film is lauded for its excellent performances, accurate depiction of the crimes at hand, and stirring portrayal of the importance of local, print-based journalism. Of course, the Boston Globe’s expose was printed in 2001 — well before YouTube launched and “virality” and “clickbait” became the goal. Local papers are rapidly downsizing and dying as they struggle to keep up with the digital age, John Oliver humorously probes the future of our newspapers, using Jason Sudeikis, Bobby Cannavale, and other stars to drive the point home.

Oliver correctly points out that many of the trending stories we share on Facebook, including the ones that source his show, Last Week Tonight (and, shoot, Gradient) are indebted to local reporters. But, established papers like the Oregonian have a difficult time keeping up with the BuzzFeeds and Huffington Posts, the latter of which John Oliver, lacking a hint of endearment, refers to as “Arianna Huffington’s Blockquote Junction And Book Excerpt Clearing House.”

After exploring the ways papers have been forced to reduce staff and coverage, especially local and state politics, something David Simon (creator of “The Wire” and former Baltimore Sun reporter) warned would lead to “halcyon era for state and local political corruption.” Oliver likened the decline of journalistic accountability to a seventh-grade classroom left without a teacher. “Best case scenario: Brittany gets gum in her hair. Worst case scenario: you no longer have a school!”

We all have to keep our lights on, but Oliver’s segment is necessary to understand. The problem is so complex, Oliver doesn’t offer actionable solutions; all he provides is lament for a critical institution striving to embrace the demand for both viral puppy videos and politics in Iraq.  The show ends with Canavale, Sudekis, and Rose Byrne reenacting “Spotlight” in a media landscape dominated by silly animal videos and TRONC.

Watch the video below.

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