Ted Cruz Appoints Carly Fiorina As VP For Nomination He Almost Certainly Can’t Win | Gradient

Ted Cruz Appoints Carly Fiorina as VP for Nomination He Almost Certainly Can’t Win


Ted Cruz continues to shoot his shot through the ever shrinking basketball-rim, appointing former GOP hopeful Carly Fiorina as his running mate for a race he almost certainly can’t win.  Should he thread the nearly impossible mathematical needle to win outright, or should the dominoes somehow fall perfectly towards a contested Republican convention in Cleveland, Fiorina would provide an interesting challenge to a likely Clinton nomination.

The odds of sending the GOP into a contested convention are slim, and growing slimmer by the day. Ted Cruz would have to win Indiana, and Kasich would have to win Oregon or New Mexico. Neither of those are impossibilities, but it would take a particularly strong showing from Kasich. As an added hurdle, Cruz would have to surge in California — a state widely expected to be favorable to Trump.

In other words, Cruz announcing a running mate is a desperate gamble, on top of his already desperate (unsuccessful) gamble of teaming up with Kasich. Will it work? Well, theoretically, it could. The trouble is, it’s hard to imagine any Trump supporters suddenly intrigued by the prospect of a Cruz/Fiorina ticket. The announcement isn’t exactly a big step into Trump’s groundswell of support, most of whom dismissed the idea of Fiorina early on when she called Trump out for his sexist comments and aren’t likely to reconsider now.

But, hey, when it’s the fourth quarter and you’re down by two, it never hurts to take a desperate half-ring shot.


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